Dawkins writes, "I am not attacking any particular version of God or gods. I am attacking God, all gods, anything and everything supernatural, wherever and whenever they have been or will be invented.

Here, yet again, we see Dawkins the fundamentalist proclaiming his sweeping, adamant, universally inclusive "one true way". This proclamation, like all others which address themselves to the sweeping question of the nature of everything everywhere, is built upon the muddy ground of immeasurable human ignorance on matters of such enormous scale.

But this is not my complaint. Surely Dawkins, his mirror enemy the Jehovah's Witness, and all the rest of us too are entitled to express our theories on such matters. Such discussion is very unlikely to ever be conclusive, but it can be interesting and entertaining, so seen through that lens Dr. Dawkins makes his contribution to the circus, and helps keep the conversation going. And here I am following his lead in attempting to do the same.

No, my complaint is not with Dr. Dawkin's expression of his views, but with the fact that he is selling them as being a product of reason. If we are to take Dr. Dawkin's advice and abandon the enterprise of religion and replace it with reason, it's essential that we understand what reason is, and most carefully protect it as a methodology.

Reason doesn't care who wins.

Ideology cares about little else.

Reason is not a collection of clever rhetorical arguments one uses to triumph over one's ideological opponents. Reason is an attempt to reach for the truth by the most objective and detached means humanly possible.

Dr. Dawkins and so many of his followers seem to have sincerely confused reason with ideology. And by doing so, year by year they seem to become ever more like the religious ideologues whom they so passionately reject. They are, in essence, arguing with themselves, heretics to their own position.

But then, all of us are heretics in some way or another, to some degree or another.

My position is that all such debates are essentially ego exercises of little substantial value, due to the vast scale of the issues being addressed. And yet, here I am.

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Such an incisive and impactful book. It was the first and probably most significant domino leading to a firm conviction in my atheism.

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this is a brilliant exposure and mind-expanding excoriation of the nescient balderdash, poppycock and piffle the brain-benumbed acolytes of religiosity, richard! thank you for your pellucidity, courage, and peerless insights.

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I remember when I first read the God Delusion and was suitably impressed with its cogent argumentation against self-evidently unsupportable adherence to ancient beliefs.

But sometimes what’s just painfully obvious from the perspective of our society’s incredible material and technological abundance is itself is myopic delusion. In hindsight, Dawkins’ arguments are simplistic and entirely ignorant of a mode of perception which is just under the surface of every individual’s consciousness, if only we could stop incessantly feeding our own egoistic certainties. And this is increasingly true in our modern world, where nature has receded into a distant, threatened conception…and no cathedral could ever hold sway versus the steady drip of dopamine-loaded mobile app notifications.

Why do I say Dawkins is hopelessly ignorant? Because his perspective is rooted in intellectual conceptions that do not penetrate into the root of consciousness. He mocks the evolution from polytheism to monotheism as though he is unaware of the ways both in reality coexist. He has not grappled with the philosophical implications of every particle in the universe being born of a singularity. What is the distinction between unmanifest unity and myriad manifestation? You will not have to trouble your mind with such essential problems with Dawkins as your guide.

My advice? Leave Dawkins for younger minds and find a spiritual path that argues that self realization is available to anyone who can successfully sublimate the ego in favor of untainted perception. Dawkins’ sophistry (and that of his ilk) will not free us from the perilous state of our societal malaise. It will only serve to deepen it.

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Judeo-messianism has been spreading its poisonous message among us for nearly two thousand years. Democratic and communist universalisms are more recent, but they have only reinforced the old Jewish narrative. They are the same ideals.

The transnational, transracial, transsexual, transcultural ideals that these ideologies preach to us (beyond peoples, races, cultures) and that are the daily sustenance of our schools, in our media, in our popular culture, in our universities, and on our streets have ended up reducing our biosymbolic identity and our ethnic pride to its minimum expression.

Jewish bankers have flooded Europe with Muslims and America with third world garbage . . . Exile as a punishment for those who preach sedition should be restored within the legal framework of the West . . . Judaism, Christianity and Islam are death cults originating in the Middle East and totally alien to Europe and its peoples.

Sometimes we wonder why the European left gets along so well with Muslims. Why does an often overtly anti-religious movement side with a fierce religiosity that seems to oppose almost everything the left has always sought to defend? Part of the explanation lies in the fact that Islam and Marxism have a common ideological root: Judaism.

Don Rumsfeld was right when he said, "Europe has shifted on its axis," was the wrong side that won World War II, and it becomes clearer every day . . . What has NATO done to defend Europe? Absolutely nothing . . . My enemies are not in Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, Riyadh or some ethereal Teutonic bogeyman, my enemies are in Washington, Brussels and Tel Aviv.


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I’m really looking forward to your new book. I’ve read several of your books, some more than once, in order to gain some understanding of Darwinian evolution. I’m wondering if you would recommend re reading anything in particular to prepare for the Genetic Book of the Dead.

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so it would seem, clarence... and so voltaire's observations have been recently exemplified, in tendentious intractability, regarding the palestinians throughout the past 8 decades.

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Thomas Jefferson and the American Founders were very skeptical of Christian theology. Great article!

"Major Greene this evening fell into some conversation with me about the divinity and satisfaction of Jesus Christ. All the argument he advanced was 'that a mere creature or finite being could not make satisfaction to infinite justice for any crimes' and that 'these things are very mysterious.' Thus mystery is made a convenient cover for absurdity." (John Adams, Diaries, 1756)

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this is great

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christian zionists, jew zionists, zionists of any hue, are all slices from the same vomitus-bespattered pie, spangle... the pie of me-me-me and the esurience of greed,...w/ their invented d'evil' poltergeist-god as the head chef and slicer of that pie.

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